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Laura is a Physician Assistant who graduated from PA School in 2000. She went into the Physician Assistant field so she could make a difference and help others. After graduating from PA School, Laura decided to venture into the world of Pharmaceutical Sales. She worked at Merck Pharmaceuticals for 8.5 years where she won various awards, and she earned the respect of physicians she worked with. Laura lives with her husband and children in the Midwest and had been a Regional Manager and Recruiter for the SE region at another recruiting company for over 5 years. Recently, she left the other recruiting company so she could start her own healthcare recruiting firm called Successful Recruiters, LLC. This new company will allow her clients to have a greater variety of services which include the following: a less expensive placement fee, longer guarantee period, various payment options including short term payment options, resources for her customers, and the opportunity for her to provide recruiting services for Physician candidates in addition to NP and PA candidates. Laura will continue to provide outstanding customer service to her customers and candidates. She enjoys matching PA and NP Candidates to the appropriate Physician Practice. Laura has extreme attention to detail, organizational skills, and is an outstanding communicator. She is extremely assertive and has become an expert negotiator who has helped to mediate fair salary/benefit negotiations between physicians and PA/NP candidates.

Laura’s planning, attention to detail, and follow up skills (have allowed her to assist both candidates and practices with next steps after a successful phone, first, or second interview has taken place. Her goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of physicians, practice managers, and the PA/NP candidates as they recruit candidates or look for appropriate jobs. Laura would be happy to assist your practice in solving their largest recruiting issues and assist as a recruiting partner for your next challenging placement.