With so many job boards and job options, how does a candidate sort through all of the choices to find the best job option for them?

The job selection process can be different depending on whether you are a new grad or an experienced candidate.

Please upload your resume and cover letter. Even if we don't have a current position open in that specialty and location, we will let you know when we have jobs available that may be a good fit for the location and specialty you are looking for. We are continuing to network with employers so we will receive new jobs on a regular basis. We look forward to assisting you in finding your ideal job

Successful Recruiters, LLC, wants to make the search process easier for you. You can trust our experience. We strive to find a winning solution for both the candidate and practice. The owner of Successful Recruiters, LLC, is a graduate of an accredited PA program plus has experience as a recruiter and working as a sales rep where she interacted with physicians and PA/NP providers on a daily basis. Through this experience, we know the key to finding a good match for a candidate is thoroughly understanding the needs and philosophy of each practice thoroughly. Utilizing our strong communication skills, we learn more about the hopes, dreams, and strengths of our candidates to determine which of our practices may be a potential good fit for them.

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Our recruiting service is free for PA/NP and Physician Candidate who are looking for a new job. If you need resume, cover letter, or job advice, we are here to assist you with every step of the job search process. We want your job search to be successful and hope you find a job that gives you long term growth potential and happiness.


Our guarantee is that we will continue searching for the right job for each candidate until you find your ideal position.


When we connect you to a practice whom you feel could be a good potential fit, there may be a case where you need assistance with negotiations. You can trust the experience and negotiation skills of Successful Recruiters, to assist you with this process from Start to Finish. We realize the Key to a Successful Placement is being able to Assist both the candidate and practice with negotiations regarding Benefits, CME, 401k benefits, Salary, and Vacation time. We act as a mediator throughout the entire negotiation process when necessary. Our goal at Successful Recruiters is to ensure we handle all of the details and ensure both the needs of the practice and candidate are being met. We strive to create the right keys to ensure a successful long-term placement is made.


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