Hire the Ideal Nurse, NP, PA, or Physician!!

When recruiting your ideal NP, PA, or Physician Candidate, time is of the essence.

During the recruiting process, our strong ethical standards and values will remain the same. Our goal is to operate our recruiting firm with the utmost integrity and honesty. We will conduct our business utilizing these high standards to ensure we are doing what is right for your practice and the candidate.

You have a wide variety of recruiting choices from in-house recruiters to outside recruiting companies.

Whether you have previously worked with outside recruiters or only utilize in house recruiters, Successful Recruiters wants to assist you in making your next candidate hire an easier and faster process. Our health care recruiting firm provides a more personalized service. Our goal is to focus on the needs of your practice by identifying key solutions that will result in successful, long-term placements in a timely manner.

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Our PA Training, Recruiting, and Sales experience.

Laura worked as a Pharmaceutical Sales representative at Merck for 8.5 years where she had the chance to interact with physicians, PA's, NP's, nurses, and practice managers on a daily basis. She was able to utilize her vast medical knowledge to develop a wonderful rapport with those providers and learn more about their goals for patient care and treatments. Her experience interacting with these providers will ensure she provides your practice with the same outstanding communication and support.


Laura extended her expertise by working as a Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner Recruiter for the past 6 years for an established recruiting firm. Through this experience, she knows the key to finding a good match for a candidate and practice is understanding the needs and philosophy of each practice thoroughly. She has now extended her Mid level recruiting services with her own Healthcare Staffing Agency to include the recruitment of Physician Candidates. She will now be able to provide Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, and Physician Recruiting via her new company, Successful Recruiters, LLC. She looks forward to serving you in her new role as CEO/Recruiter/PA for Successful Recruiters, LLC.

6 Month Guarantee

We strive to match your practice to the right candidate. When you hire one of our candidates, our goal is for the placement to be a long-term business relationship. We realize unexpected things can happen which is the reason we have a longer guarantee. We want to ensure your practice is protected. If a candidate you hire that was recommended by our recruiting firm, leaves your practice within 6 months of their start date or if you terminate their employment within 6 months of their first day, we will find you another candidate at no additional placement fee. (since you would have already paid a recruiting commission for that candidate)

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Timely Follow-Up

After a successful interview with a candidate, have you ever wondered how the candidate viewed the interview? Did they feel the practice was a good fit? Did they think they would fit in well with the staff? Was the patient specialty of interest to them? Did the salary range and benefits seem reasonable and in align with the type of position and benefits the candidate was looking for? All of these questions can be a mystery unless the candidate provides this feedback to someone after an interview. Since Successful Recruiters works hard to get to know the candidates and develop a rapport with them, they will trust us as an advocate and partner in their job search. Therefore, we can find out this information from the majority of candidates. We will then share this information with your practice so you know the candidate's impression of the job and if they felt the practice could be a good fit. At that time, if there are job details in which both the practice and candidate do not agree upon, we can assist. As a recruiter and trusted advocate, we can assist with mediation to see if a winning solution can be developed that is a good fit for both parties. Our timely follow-up and feedback can result in greater placements for your practice because we find out the important post interview information and determine next steps. Every part of the process should have a follow-up plan and Successful Recruiters can assist in setting up this type of system so you don't lose great candidates that would have been a good fit for your practice.

Thorough Screening Process

Successful Recruiters utilizes a basic screening process that includes a thorough background screening questionnaire. Your practice will have the peace of mind knowing when they receive a candidate from our recruiting company that this candidate has already cleared our basic, screening process.

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Lower Commission Fee than Industry Standard

Many large recruiting firms charge a 30% commission of the candidate's salary. Successful Recruiters wants to be a cost effective recruiting option for your practice.  Our commission is lower than the industry standard and is a percentage of the candidate's salary. Our commission is contingent and is based on whether your practice hires a candidate whom we connect to you.

Negotiation Expertise

At Successful Recruiters, we realize that connecting a candidate to a practice is just one step of the process. We have found a critical step is the negotiation process that takes place between the practice and candidate. Laura at Successful Recruiters, has many years of negotiating experience working as a recruiter. She will tailor these negotiation skills to your practice and assist with your specific candidate negotiation needs.

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