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I am Laura Cicholski, I am the wellness recruiter and I am the host of the Find Your Balance in Business, Career, Health, Finances and Life podcast. Today, we are thrilled to have Damion Lupo as our special guest.

[00:00:20.730] – Laura Cicholski

Thanks for being here, Laura. Yeah, you too. Thank you. Damion Lupo’s mission is simple. He wants to free a million people from financial bondage. A good goal to have.  His unique tool as a fusion of financial literacy and a little known strategy called the EQRP that allows investors to control their retirement money and get off of the Wall Street roller coaster. Now, you’ve talked about this, Damion, and we’re so thankful to have you here today.

[00:00:48.090] – Laura Cicholski

Thanks for coming. As the Ferrari of real estate, I should have my son here because he loves Ferraris. You’d want to hear all about this. So tell us more about your EQRP. I know you’ve written books. You’re very financially savvy. Tell us more about your story and how you can help others to break that financial bondage.

[00:01:05.760] – Damion Lupo

Yeah, definitely. The Ferrari thing was I think I originally came from the fact that I was obsessed with Ferrari and bought one and got stupid and got arrested the first week I had it back in 2005 on Christmas Eve. That’s what happened to you?

[00:01:17.930] – Damion Lupo

Yeah. You know, you’re too much money, too early, too much ego . And you get to be arrested on Christmas Eve with a Ferrari. But it is what it is. It’s it’s part of being a kid. And that’s what I say. If you’re twenty five, you’re still a kid.

[00:01:31.240] – Damion Lupo

And so, yeah, I mean, I think the reason we call the curiosity the Ferrari for one case is that it’s the premier, the best, the fastest, the most navigable.

[00:01:41.490] – Damion Lupo

It’s the retirement account that gives you the most control. And you could take it you can take it from zero to 60 in four, three, four seconds. And what does that mean? It means you can do things that you can’t do with the traditional 401K. You can go and invest in real estate. You can invest in private equity and crypto and gold. You can actually put potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars into it every year. As a family.


There’s just there’s all these powerful tools that are part of it. And people don’t know about it because Wall Street wants to keep you dumb and numb.

[00:02:10.290] – Laura Cicholski

Right. Right. That’s so interesting. Quick question. Sideway question. Do you get to keep the Ferrari or do they take it?

[00:02:17.310] – Damion Lupo

No, I mean, so the Ferrari, when you get arrested, it they just say, well, here’s your here’s your ticket and you’re going too fast, but it’s like, OK, get in the car.

[00:02:27.840] – Damion Lupo

I was happy to get rid of the Ferrari when I got rid of it. It’s kind of like having a boat for two best days of owning a boat the day by day to sell it. Same thing with the Ferrari. You just it’s when I when I did the math on that thing, it cost seventeen dollars a mile for fifty nine hundred miles. So if you think about the math there, you’re talking almost one hundred thousand dollars to have an 18 month toy.

[00:02:46.920] – Damion Lupo

And you know, here’s my suggestion for people. This goes this is past any retirement accounts.  In general. If you have something that’s on your vision board for 20 years from now, go rent the damn thing right now. Make sure that it’s really worthy of being on something that you’re going to be fixated for.

[00:03:01.110] – Damion Lupo

Most people, especially guys have these cars and these houses and they sit there and they’re thinking about it, obsessing about them. They do it for 20 years. And then you go to that day and you’re like, I just spent 20 years thinking about this, think maybe you need it for one day, go rent the damn Ferrari and be done with it.

[00:03:14.640] – Laura Cicholski

Exactly. Yeah. And see if you I mean, if you rent it over and over again, you still want it, then maybe go buy it eventually. But yeah exactly. Why not.

[00:03:23.470] – Damion Lupo

That’s, it’s, it’s try before you buy what we really want Laura, is we want to experience and that’s what we get obsessed with owning things because we’re very, it’s a Western thing we got to own. You know, what you want is the experience. You want that amazing beach house.

[00:03:37.230] – Damion Lupo

Awesome. Go rent it. And you’re like wow, it’s a lot of money to rent you how much it costs to own the thing. It’s and then and then it owns you. And that’s the problem. Ownership is is not really what we think it is. It’s it’s more of it. It’s a noose or an albatross hanging on us. And so we have to be thoughtful about that and let the tools be tools for you not being used against you.

[00:03:56.100] – Laura Cicholski

Yeah, which is a great idea. Now, my husband and I obviously know you really well. We’ve invested with you,  are friends with you. And so we obviously trust kind of your system. The EQRP is so neat. And I like how you talk about real estate being an option. Tell us more about should people right now. Obviously, they should save some cash, right.

[00:04:13.550] – Damion Lupo

So here’s here’s here’s the thing, it’s interesting about cash, we’re in we’re in a in a time where cash is being printed faster than anybody can possibly make it.

[00:04:23.930] – Damion Lupo

You cannot make money, cash as fast as the Federal Reserve can print it and Congress can conjure it up.

[00:04:30.620] – Damion Lupo

So people and we look at the last year from twenty twenty to twenty twenty one. And and this this idea that the government says we had inflation of one point two percent and we’re going for a target of three or something. That’s the Federal Reserve.

[00:04:42.390] – Damion Lupo

That’s a lie. They’re lying to you. And how do we know that?

[00:04:45.590] – Damion Lupo

Go look at everything, whether it’s gas or soy, corn, gold, crypto bitcoin lumber lumber’s up one hundred and twenty five percent in the last 12 months. Everything is costing more. You go to your local juice shop, your eight dollar juice is now ten. That’s twenty to twenty five percent increases. So anybody that is saving money, you’re just losing purchasing power. And so then the question is, what do we do? Well, you got to be smart about it.

[00:05:10.340] – Damion Lupo

And if you say, well, I’m going to I’m going to put it in the stock market, I mean, that’s one option because everything’s in a bubble. So we’re in the bubble of everything. The only thing that’s not really in a bubble is gold and silver right now. And how do I know that? Because look at the pricing. Right. But the reality is, if you’re holding dollars, you’re getting hurt consistently. So if you want certainty, hold dollars.

[00:05:29.510] – Damion Lupo

You’ll certainly lose money, you’ll lose purchasing power.

[00:05:32.930] – Damion Lupo

And that’s that’s the thing that we’ve got to be mindful of that doing nothing. You’re getting hurt because printing is going to hurt you.

[00:05:38.750] – Laura Cicholski

OK, so are you saying then don’t even, like, hold cash in, like simple little money markets a little bit just for safety? You know, people are leery about the market.

[00:05:46.710] – Damion Lupo

I think having cash, there’s there’s a mental piece to it because if you have if you have no cash every time you need to do something, you’re going to be out. I don’t have anybody going to be panicking. So you want to have you want to have something, but people get it’s overkill.

[00:05:59.420] – Damion Lupo

And if you say, OK, I want to have some cash, just understand, if you have a hundred thousand dollars in the bank, you have eighty thousand dollars next year. That’s literally what’s happening if eighty thousand dollars of purchasing power. OK, so what can you do better? Make sure that you’ve got an equivalent. Maybe that’s Crypto, maybe that’s silver, but you have to do the work to make sure that you maintain and expand your purchasing power.

[00:06:20.750] – Damion Lupo

Not necessarily investing. Right. You’ve got to be smarter than the printing press. If you’re if you’re not if you’re idle, if you’re passive, you’re going to get hurt.

[00:06:29.150] – Laura Cicholski

Right. So and we’ll talk about crypto and silver in a second. But I love the points you’re bringing up. So when we talk about those people, maybe in my audience is health care providers, physicians and nurse practitioners and the nurses. And so we’re trying to help them be, you know, choose financial investments that are good for them and different options. So when you talk about, let’s say, people that love that, they love the stock market, you know what?

[00:06:50.240] – Laura Cicholski

I know you kind of have different opinions on that. You say put a little on the market now because you have different options with your EQRP that will get into = what do you recommend if they love the stock market? We obviously know it ebbs and flows w have 2008. Right.

[00:07:02.910] – Damion Lupo

-But I don’t think anybody I don’t think anybody actually loves the stock market. I think people love money that it grows. I think they think they equate it. We think, oh, a stock market’s great. Anybody ever say I love the stock market when the stock market’s down 15 percent, nobody loves it.

[00:07:16.340] – Damion Lupo

I guess so it makes you nervous, right. And nobody likes the experience. So we’re extrapolating what is it that we actually love? We love that our money is growing. And so it just happens to be that we’ve been in a bull market because of all the printing. It’s being priced. That cash is being pushed into the stock market. So you have to say, well, what do I actually want? I want to increase my wealth. I want to be able to be financially free.

[00:07:39.170] – Damion Lupo

How do you do that – predictability? And so you cannot predict that the stock market is going to do X because it did Y last year. All you know is that it did Y last year. That’s the only certainty. Right. But you say that. Well, people say this all the time. Well, I like the stock market. I made seventeen percent last year. So here’s here’s what they actually say, Laura. They say, well I made seventeen percent a year the stock market.

[00:07:58.610] – Damion Lupo

But does that mean that you’re going to continue to do it? Not a chance might happen, but it doesn’t mean that you can predict it. And for people to do that is naive. And but we have eight or ten years of a bull market where things have been artificially inflated and we say, oh, hey, look, it’s going to keep going.

[00:08:13.670] – Damion Lupo

That’s that’s only true if it happens. We don’t know if it’s going to happen. And there’s a bias. It’s called a cognitive bias towards normalcy from the past. That is a problem that people are basing their choices on that stuff. In the past, we’ve never we’ve never been in this space before where there’s this much printing. And so you’ve got to be smarter like you guys are doing, really focusing on your education and and then deciding rationally not, hey, look, it went up 20 percent last year.

[00:08:37.730] – Damion Lupo

It’ll do it again this year. How do you know that?

[00:08:40.510] – Laura Cicholski

You don’t know what not, it’s never for sure, right, for taxes, right? We know about taxes for sure every year. So that’s so interesting that you talk about that and because it’s so scary for people to try to figure that out. So obviously, your EQRP sounds like some acronym kids would go on like Instagram or something, but I know there’s a meaning to it now.

[00:08:59.560] – Laura Cicholski

So tell us more about that and tell us more about like if you’re trying to encourage people to you know, if you do stock stuff, that’s fine. But then there’s also other ways to make sure your money can stay safe.

[00:09:09.880] – Damion Lupo

Well, here’s the bottom line. It’s nobody’s going to care about your money more than you are. Nobody’s going to love your money more than you are.

[00:09:15.580] – Damion Lupo

And and if you are thinking right now, I don’t even I don’t love my money.

[00:09:19.150] – Damion Lupo

I mean, I love money because the Bible told me not to or my church or whatever. Then you’re deluding yourselves because money is energy. Money is. But money is something that it’s a reflection of value created.

[00:09:31.390] – Damion Lupo

And if you say that you’re going to get rid of your money and really when we talk about EQRP, we’re talking about you taking control and owning responsibility.

[00:09:38.980] – Damion Lupo

That’s all it is. It’s not it’s an investment for anybody. If somebody is like, well, what does that mean? I mean, what am I investing in? Who knows?

[00:09:45.310] – Damion Lupo

You chance, if you’re if you’re serious about being financially free, you’ve got to choose a path that involves you engaging. Most people, unfortunately, want to just be completely passive and check out

[00:09:56.710] – Laura Cicholski

with checkbook control.

[00:09:57.740] – Laura Cicholski

You talk about. So the EQRP is what does that stand for you?

[00:10:01.180] – Damion Lupo

It’s the enhanced qualified retirement plan.

[00:10:03.550] – Laura Cicholski

OK, OK, perfect. And then so with that then that just gives them control to be able to invest in different options. So what are different options they can invest in and how do they set it up if they want to set up?

[00:10:17.500] – Damion Lupo

The options really are almost anything you can dream up? The neat thing about the IRS is the IRS says here’s what you can’t do and whatever else is open season. So whether you want to invest in it, real estate, apartments, houses, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, physical gold and silver, private equity. I mean, you can’t invest in wine, which is pretty obvious because the IRS is like, yeah, you’d be hung over and broke.

[00:10:39.070] – Damion Lupo

Like, that’s what would happen if they let you invest there.

[00:10:41.860] – Damion Lupo

Yeah, it wouldn’t end well. I mean, your liver would also be very upset.

[00:10:46.060] – Damion Lupo

So, I mean, that’s it’s really up to you what we’ve been taught over the years. As you know, before you found out about this a while back, we’re taught mutual funds is what you do. And you have your money in the stock market. You hope like that’s good. Except what they’re not telling you is that your financial advisors are going to have a bunch of money, but you will just have less purchasing power. That’s how it works.

[00:11:08.590] – Laura Cicholski

Yeah, which that’s so interesting the way. Yeah. So then so you recommend like your clients and I know Steve I do different things.  Where do most of your clients invest in.  I know you also talk about storage units and different things. You recommend gold and silver. Let’s talk a little bit more about gold and silver. Go Into the crypto intraday look looking all that. Yeah.

[00:11:26.110] – Damion Lupo

So most of most of the people that are interested in EQRP want to do something other than just mutual funds.

[00:11:32.500] – Damion Lupo

They say, OK, I want to do something physical, tangible, real, honest, like, yeah, apartments, mini storage, physical gold and silver, not paper gold and silver. That’s a lie.

[00:11:42.910] – Damion Lupo

The ETFs, these gold and silver things that people say, oh, I got gold and silver. No, you don’t. You have a piece of paper. It’s called a derivative. That’s a lie from a financial institution. That said we could just print up gold and silver.

[00:11:53.020] – Damion Lupo

You can’t print gold. Silver like God defies you to say like that is not real.

[00:11:58.180] – Damion Lupo

Could give you a break. So it’s got to be  tangible. It’s got to be tangible.

[00:12:01.870] – Damion Lupo

Or if you can’t hold it, it’s not real. That’s just think about that. And what does that mean? It means it means you’re being lied to. It means people are using you. It’s like Facebook. What’s the product? It’s free you you’re the product. So it’s the same thing.

[00:12:14.710] – Damion Lupo

Gold and silver are it’s gods money. It’s literally something that’s been around for thousands of years. And and I like it. I like the fact that that it’s real, that there’s something called counterparty risk. I mean, somebody else is in the equation and there’s a risk because of another party. And and so it’s like, OK, well, if they’re if you have a GLD Certificate, it’s like paper gold, then somebody else is the counterparty risk.

[00:12:40.810] – Damion Lupo

They have to actually have the gold. And if they don’t, which they don’t, then the risk is you old paper crap. And so that’s if you physically own gold or silver or both, there is no counterparty risk. It’s that’s why I like it, because it’s real.

[00:12:56.260] – Laura Cicholski

So are there certain places that you should go to get the gold or silver, a safe deposit box at the bank or something. Right. Or so.

[00:13:03.460] – Damion Lupo

Yeah, there’s there’s lots of options.

[00:13:04.990] – Damion Lupo

There’s a ton of great dealers. And really it’s about it’s not a it’s probably not about going and finding whatever one eight hundred gold dealer is on TV because they’re going to overcharge you because they have to.

[00:13:15.910] – Damion Lupo

It’s really expensive to have ads on TVs with celebrities that are endorsing your stuff. It’s about referrals. It’s about people that you know, that have done business. And then you choose where you want to put it. You want to put it in at your house in a private vault. I don’t recommend banks or safety deposit boxes because honestly, I don’t trust banks. Banks will do whatever banks want to do. Yeah, you need to be private. Yeah.

[00:13:37.180] – Damion Lupo

Get it out of the system.

[00:13:38.980] – Laura Cicholski

Which is good to know . So then as far as like with the EQRP here, there are other things, like you mentioned Crypto a little bit. I know my husband, when he heard the word crypto, he’s thinking, oh, not as safe. That ss safe. But what are your thoughts on crypto?

[00:13:51.650] – Damion Lupo

Why should people maybe look into it so that the financial system is changing, that the centralization of everything is being broken apart and being rethought about and reimagined and rebuilt on the back of block chain and crypto is just the beginning. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

[00:14:07.550] – Damion Lupo

That is just the beginning of of what’s what I believe and what really is happening.

[00:14:12.410] – Damion Lupo

And that is a complete transformation of our monetary and our our financial system. So when we hear the term DFI decentralized finance, we’re talking about taking away the power from a centralized system like the banks, the insurance companies, title companies, and we’re shifting it into a place that’s trustless. It’s it’s where everything is based on code. It means that you and I can have an interaction and it’s completely transparent, completely honest. It happens automatically. There’s no person that we need to rely on.

[00:14:37.520] – Damion Lupo

Our system is absolutely fundamentally changing. Just think about Bitcoin in terms of it being as a currency compared to the dollars. People say, well, how does Bitcoin have value? Dollars have value. And I say, well, how do you know that? And they say, well, because it’s… I don’t know. And I go, That’s right. The government told you it’s got its worth something. Dollars are scarce. Bitcoin is scarce. That’s a primary.

[00:14:58.970] – Damion Lupo

It’s a primary mode for any money. There has to be scarcity. They’re not stable. You are printing trillions and trillions of those things a year.  Crypto right now.

[00:15:07.130] – Damion Lupo

Yeah, right. Whereas Bitcoin is a finite twenty one million maximum amount of bitcoin ever can be made. That is a finite system. That’s more money than dollars. Dollars are infinite. That’s not good.

[00:15:20.650] – Laura Cicholski

Yeah, because it definitely increases inflation. We don’t always hear or see about that. So Bitcoin, it’s digital currency, right?

[00:15:27.910] – Damion Lupo

It’s digital currency.

[00:15:28.970] – Damion Lupo

It’s when you think about any type of money, money is it’s a it’s a means of energy holding. But the problem with dollars is if you if I just go and I’m the central bank and I print a trillion of these things, I didn’t create anything.

[00:15:41.980] – Damion Lupo

I’m manipulating,

[00:15:42.970] – Laura Cicholski

With your ERP. Do you like how do they set it up? Is it pretty easy? Are there fees to set it up? Fees like yearly fees to set it up through you?

[00:15:52.030] – Damion Lupo

Yeah. So and any type of retirement account involves somebody setting up something. We happen to be the only provider in the country that sets up an EQRP because we created it and we own it. And so, yes, there are fees. Yeah. And here’s here’s a little tip.

[00:16:04.940] – Damion Lupo

If anybody ever says, hey, this is free, that you are the product, namely Facebook or a free IRA or anything. So you’re going to pay you’re going to pay an appropriate amount for whatever you’re doing.  Any time you get something that’s free. Trust me, there’s no free lunch. It’s just how it works. So you want to pay for it appropriately.   whatever you are buying, there’s going to be an appropriate fee. So depends on your situation.

[00:16:25.720] – Damion Lupo

The neat thing, Laura, about the is that it really does work for anybody, whether you’re by yourself or whether you’ve got a company with 50 employees. It works across the board. It’s the only one of its kind that does that. So these are commensurate with the complexity of what’s being built. But it’s also transparent. It’s the fee structure for an EQRP. Yeah, it’s it’s flat. It’s not based on how much you have. Whereas if you look at 401K’s or IRAs, there’s a the percentages and transaction fees.

[00:16:53.530] – Damion Lupo

We don’t have any of that. There’s no percentages. There’s no transaction fees. And that’s what you want. You want something that’s fair and appropriate, which is nice.

[00:17:00.200] – Laura Cicholski

So that makes sense. They pay like a fee maybe to set it up and they pay like a yearly annual maintenance fee or something, which is fine.

[00:17:06.550] – Damion Lupo

And that’s and that’s what you should be looking for with with relationships, financial services. You want to know that there’s an exchange and you want to make sure that people are being compensated. Why would somebody go serve you with the best of who they are?

[00:17:17.500] – Damion Lupo

That’s at the top of their game for free. That’s so you’re going to people say, well, I don’t want to pay. Well, good guess what? You’re going to get what you pay for.

[00:17:25.570] – Damion Lupo

So go get something free and you’ll get exactly the same value that you traded.

[00:17:29.740] – Laura Cicholski

I heard that different coaching programs that people feel like the people that actually put some skin in the game, put some money down, are more in it than the people that are just getting it for free. And they’ll watch it maybe. Are they? Maybe they want to see that.

[00:17:42.850] – Damion Lupo

Over the years, I’ve spent over a million dollars on coaches and I’ve coached and mentored people. And I am what some people would say, very expensive. And other people would say, I’m really cheap and I know I know what’s real.

[00:17:54.910] – Damion Lupo

What’s real is that it’s very inexpensive for I charge. And it’s I mean, it’s it’s it’s tens of thousands of dollars of year a year for somebody to work with me. And I almost never do it. Why? Because I’m super busy. But the reason I do that is because people that pay will pay attention. And if somebody says, well, it seems like a lot of money, then my response is you’re not committed yet. If you were committed, you’d know that this is cheap because you’re getting to buy twenty five years of my experience.

[00:18:19.480] – Damion Lupo

It’s not about the coach or the mentor. It’s about your mindset. And in the engagement, are you actually committed? And if you are committed, doesn’t matter what the number is because it’s going to be worth ten times that.

[00:18:28.570] – Laura Cicholski

Exactly. It’s true. I know. I think about all of your experiences. How many years have you been doing this?

[00:18:33.780] – Damion Lupo

I mean, I’ve been investing in real estate for twenty five years,

[00:18:36.070] – Laura Cicholski

yeah, because you and I know and Stephen, I wanted to invest with you and we come from like the land investor section. We’ve done real estate, too, but we want to do something different. Steve, my husband, Steve, loves the stock market and you know that.

[00:18:47.100] – Laura Cicholski

And so we wanted to do something safer and something where we could control it. So I think you’re you provide some great value and experience because you can help people that maybe, like doctors say, gosh, I’ve been doing the stock market for years. I still want to do it. But let me I also want more control of my money. And the nice thing about you, too, is you give different options, right? Like you advise us about should you do gold, should you do silver and different things?

[00:19:08.730] – Laura Cicholski

Do you see  people manage your crypto gold, silver,  storage units  through you real estate? Is there anything else I’m missing here? That’s the main stuff.

[00:19:16.650] – Damion Lupo

People do all sorts of stuff that do private notes. They do. I mean, and when people say, what should I do in my answer, you know this because I’ve said it. I don’t know what you should do. Like, that’s like I can help you ask the questions. Anybody that says here’s what you should do and they don’t ask questions before saying anything –  run because it’s like they don’t know. They don’t know deep down, like, you have to decide that.

[00:19:36.120] – Damion Lupo

And if you say, well, I have no idea. So I just need to be told what to do, then just put the shackles on yourself. I mean, like you as well, because you’re not really taking responsibility.

[00:19:44.440] – Laura Cicholski

Exactly. Yeah, you’re right. It’s a matter of I think you’re right about that. The client has to take ownership for it and education. And then you also can say, well, this is what your you think you should do and I’ll give you some advice. I think they’re wanting your advice as well with twenty twenty five years know.

[00:20:01.680] – Damion Lupo

So the job of a of a mentor is to ask questions and help navigate through crazy waters, the job of a financial advisors to talk you off a cliff when you want to pull out because they don’t want to lose their fees. That’s a financial advisors job. If you ask them, they’ll say, well, I don’t really know the perfect investment. What I’m going to do is try to take the fear away when somebody sees a rocky market. Well, that is that really in the client’s best interest?

[00:20:23.790] – Damion Lupo

Maybe. But really what it is, it’s in the financial institutions interest to not have the the assets leave so that  they lose the fees. So it’s really interesting.

[00:20:31.920] – Damion Lupo

I just ask questions and then I don’t know what’s best for somebody you do because who cares about your money more than you do nobody.

[00:20:39.090] – Laura Cicholski

Yeah, that’s true. It’s true. It’s so you can kind of maneuver through like, well what are your goals, you know what I mean? Versus just kind of let him go, which is I said, well, this is great. This has been wonderful to have you. Where can people find you? Do you have a website?

[00:20:51.180] – Damion Lupo

Yeah. Best place to find me is is EQRP.co. And you can learn, you can learn about EQRP and get a copy of the book. I’m happy to give a copy. If you, if you go there you’ll see a thing with a little book that pops out of a box. OK, just click on that thing and and really simple. I’ll send a copy of that book over to you and you can start learning more.

[00:21:08.580] – Laura Cicholski

I don’t think we might be like, well, how does this all work? How do you know? I’ve only invested in the stock market, but I think it just gives them a good different option to start off. And it’s not a ton when we did. It’s not a ton of paperwork. You’re just moving some money over and just like anything, you know, to get started and makes it easy when they can too be a part of the Ferrari of real estate investments without it.

[00:21:27.810] – Damion Lupo

It’s really a choice. Yeah. I mean, and one of the one of the problems, people get all excited. They want to do everything fast. They want everything to have five minutes . And I’m like it’s like I have this this lady that came to me about fifteen, sixteen years ago and she said, I want to be financially free. And I said, OK, so what does that mean? She said, well, I want to make five thousand dollars a month in passive income.

[00:21:45.540] – Damion Lupo

And I said, OK, totally doable. What do you start with? She said, I got fifty thousand dollars. And I said, OK, well I started with negative six and I turned that into a twenty million dollar portfolio. OK, so you got fifty grand, you are turned into five thousand a month. Perfect. How long are you giving yourself. She said six to 12 months. I said awesome. You are absolutely going to have zero dollars in a year.

[00:22:04.140] – Damion Lupo

She looked at me like I was crazy and I said, because you’re going to be willing to take stupid risks and you’re going to you’re going to fall in love with somebody. Story that promises you something that doesn’t exist called a unicorn. And and that’s just how it’s going to be. You’re not patient. People are so impatient. And and there’s there’s a million people out there looking for impatient people with cash. And so if that’s you,  just watch your cash go away, you’ll have an experience.

[00:22:25.560] – Damion Lupo

You get a little bit older, a little grayer in the process.

[00:22:28.170] – Damion Lupo

You have to be willing to be patient and invest the time and energy and learning.

[00:22:32.610] – Laura Cicholski

Yeah, which makes sense. You’re right. The money isn’t made- Rome, wasn’t built in the day. Right. So, yeah, it takes a little time and yeah. I just I really appreciate your time today. I really feel like you’re going to help a lot of health care providers and everyone else listening and I think it’s a good option. I’m glad to have met you.

[00:22:47.580] – Laura Cicholski

Thank you.

[00:22:48.570] – Damion Lupo

I appreciate you having me I appreciate people paying attention to the work you’re doing. It’s awesome.


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